3D Touched Apps for iPhone 6s - It Has Everything You Have Ever Dreamed About

If you belong to iPhone community then here is something interesting for you to focus on. 3D touch apps are relatively new concept in iPhone 6s and 6s plus for iPhone app development team.

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So where does actually Apple new 3D touch technology shines brightest?

Based on most creative and innovative development approach, iphone app development team has filtered most wonderful 3D touched apps for users. These are truly interesting that you should never forget about.

First is Instagram where you just need to hold firmly any username and get maximum information along with images.

Second highlight by iphone app development team is Launch Center pro is a great app that provide quick access to any number of function in app or notification.

Third is Magic Piano where you could play almost any sound due to 3D touch technology.

Fourth is Drop box popular to give most robust cloud storage and synchronized solutions.

Fifth number is taken by Open Table; this is the best 3D touched app for restaurant ever designed.

StubHub guides you about quick events or to watch your favorites.

Next is Pinterest that is improved as compared to previous releases. Its 3D touch extends beyond the standard peek and pop functions.

Eighth is NEWS 360 app where you can access plenty of recent updates with a single click only.

Last two are hipstamatic camera and Evernote to improve app experience for iPhone 6s users.


According expert iphone app development team, 6s has almost everything that you dream about. The innovation does not end here. Apple Promises better resolution displays and more 3D touched apps in upcoming releases of iPhone.

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