5 Dilemmas Faced by Software Developers: Resolve them before it’s too late

The technology is growing at an unprecedented pace. While it looks all good, there are challenges that it brings to different facets that make use of technology in their day to working. One such example is that of Software professionals who have to constantly work to be informed about the advances in the field. They have to be aware of the new releases and how these will affect the day to day work. They also have to make decisions which involve facilitating change within the organization to increase efficiency.

This blog lists the dilemmas that the Software developers face in their day to day activities and also the possible ways of eliminating such challenges. These dilemmas are faced by developers in software consulting and developing companies India and abroad services.


  1. Maintaining Workforce: The leaders of the Software developers’ team often face the challenge of retention because developers are required to take care of a lot of aspects together. There is often a crunch of employees and the ones that are available are difficult to retain because of work pressure. Handling this issue requires the involvement of HR personnel who conveys the workload to employees before hiring and also the team leader who assigns tasks so that everyone can perform work efficiently.
  2. Handling Pressure: Software developers often complain about work pressure because the key responsibilities of a developer are vast. The consulting companies can easily resolve this concern by streamlining tasks that a developer is supposed to perform. Pressure is often a part of a lot of job profiles but it is the persisting pressure that worries the majority of developers. A daily huddle for allocating tasks with a time record can help in this matter.
  3. Upgrading Skills: Developers are required to be constantly learning. Some new updates in the domain can help developers do routine work quickly and accurately. Companies can arrange workshops or training sessions to upgrade the skills of the developers. And, the developers should also be actively involved in online communities so that they are constantly working on their skills.
  4. Paucity of Time: Time is often a constraint while developing Software because not every challenge that will come up can be predicted. As a result, the developers end up spending time on activities that are not planned. The solution requires a thorough understanding of the process and the challenges that might crop up. Also, a time provision for such activities while process planning is done will help the leaders give ample of time to developers to complete the development.
  5. Missing the Purpose: Many times, developers complain about not being clear about the objective or the end result. This makes them less interested and motivated in the entire process making them alienated. The role of a leader is strong in resolving this concern by making the developers feel that they are a part of the process and they are building something great. An example can be to involve them in periodic testing to understand the end product.

In case, you do not employ developers and make use of third parties like Software Consulting Company and consultancy services then also these challenges exist in a slightly different way. For example, maintaining workforce might mean that as a partner, you might have to interact with different professionals because the developer handling your work has left the vendor company. The resolving approach here would be different. But, then these will be bigger challenges for the vendor company than you. The fact remains that resolving these concerns is important for business success.

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