7 Artificial Intelligence Trends to Prepare for in 2018

Intelligence = Mankind, right? Well, your thinking is going to change in 2018. Artificial Intelligence is just not going to be a driving force for industries and techs, it is going to flow like blood in the life of common people. How? What is so magnificent about Artificial Intelligence (AI) in 2018? Check out.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Before we start, let us know a bit more about Artificial Intelligence. AI refers to use of computers and applications to perform human tasks which need human intelligence, like visual perception, speech recognition, decision making, playing games, driving cars, differentiating between one person and the other and many more.

There are generally two types of AI in place at present, namely,

  1. Reactive Machines - These devices perform an action based on the predictions and chooses an option which suits its intelligence the best. Example- Deep Blue, the chess playing super computer from IBM.
  2. Limited Memory - These devices take into consideration the historic performance, provided details to make its present decisions. Example- Self driving cars Speaking about the AI trends in future, there are two more types of AI which are in the process.
  3. Theory of Mind - How about a robot walking with you, chitchatting and working with you? This requires more of understanding about the world, understanding that the behavior of other people affect their own behavior. So this behavioral adjustment is the spark we can expect in the upcoming years.
  4. Self-Awareness - Artificially Intelligent systems will know their needs in the coming years. They will not only be programmed to know what they want but will be conscious about their own needs.
So what are the AI trends in 2018?

  1. Natural Language Replacing Commands - This has always been a challenge to the developers. Computers understand only binary language and to become more like human these have to understand natural language. Devices in 2018 might be asking us what we want.
  2. Emotions Replacing Tactics - If researchers want a chat bot to handle customer care or work as a counselor, they must build devices which can recognize emotions and customize themselves as per the same. So this is going to be another 2018-trend for AI.
  3. Who will handle the Ethics? - An AI bot is almost a human and so might commit a crime as well. Who will punish an AI bot? Should it possess some rights to a trial or should be instantly destroyed? This is surely going to be heated topic revolving around Artificial Intelligence (AI) in 2018.
So this is all about the dreams which AI researchers are working on. How is AI going to affect the general masses and the business leaders in 2018?

  • AI in Mobile Applications and Web Browsers - Yes, your so favorite smartphone will have some sort of Artificial Intelligence in 2018. This will be a silent observer of all your actions on your mobile app or web browser and help developers build more intelligent and useful devices for you.
  • AI in Customer Service - Gone are the days of waiting long hours to speak to customer service agents. While human beings will be put to more productive work, chat bots will chat with you to help out with issues. Facebook had already announced 11,000 bots for Messengers in 2017. So 2018 is going to welcome more chat bots in the customer care industry.
  • More of IoT - IoT (Internet of Things) will be combined with AI in 2018. As a result, your devices will become intelligent; like your smart watches will not only track how much you exercised but will also determine your daily routine based on the same.
  • AI in Medical Science - People will get better health care with the use of AI in 2018. AI applications will be used for cognitive learning, analyzing the available data through Big Data and ensuring in-depth learning to enable advanced diagnosis and research. Few companies which have already started this initiative are IBM, Google and Atomwise.
  • AI in the Hardware Industry - When we dream to do so much with Artificial Intelligence, just developing software IT outsourcing is not enough. More focus has to be given on hardware and hence tech giants like Intel recently announced Nervana Neural Network Processor chips which have been specially made to support AI.
  • AI supported start-ups - Want to start your business? Well in 2018 you can use AI to own a small company with less investment. 
  • AI vs. Jobs - One of the most debatable and sensitive topics is how will Artificial Intelligence impact human jobs? As per a recent research, AI is going to replace almost 7% human jobs in US by 2025. While this is a scenario for entry level jobs, high end jobs like that of data scientists, robot and automation monitoring teams will increase.
So in a single liner, AI is going to revolutionize the world in 2018. But we just cannot relax and enjoy the advancements and benefits which it is supposed to bring in 2018; we need to upgrade and update our learning, skill-sets and knowledge level to keep pace with the fast changing tech world. Get set to welcome New Year with Artificial Intelligence!