Crack Your Interview Now: List of Top Manual Software Testing Interview Question and Answers

Software Testing

Software testing is fun! The best thing about software testing is that anyone can learn it with little efforts. Do you want to become a software tester? Great...but why? Why would you like to choose software as a career? What software testing is how it looks like? In order to help you have a better understanding and see if software testing is for you or not, let me do a quick introduction to software testing.

Software testing provides an objective and independent view of the software to allow business to appreciate and understand the risks of software implementations. It is a process of executing a program or application for finding the software bugs.

So, the next thing comes is cracking the interview of Manual Software Testing. Having a successful interview is crucial. It mainly depends on different factors to have a successful interview, from any interview experience; it covers to these key points.

1.      Create a positive first impression

2.      Proper research

3.      Be honest in the interview

4.      Show the ability to learn

5.      Be confident

So here we are giving some most important questions which are the most widely asked in the interview:

1. What is the most challenging situation you had faced during testing?

Well, a good suitable answer to this question is depends on each one's experience. If you came across any such situation and found an interesting bug that was very difficult to find out or analyze any project risk accurately before occurring, then this could be the perfect answer to this question.

2. What you are going to do if there is no Fundamental Spec or any documents related to the system and developer who wrote the code does not work in the company anymore, but you must test?

This is one of the most common questions which are being asked in the interviews. In such type of situation, you will need to do exploratory testing of the product. In this testing, you will come to know about the system and its basic workflow. In exploratory testing, you can also search some blocker bugs that cause a system to be the crash. If you are a white tester then next step you can do is to see the different module code. By this step, you will know the test cases for different modules and relations of modules.

3. What is use case testing?

In order to identify and execute the functional requirement of an application from start to end, 'use case' is used and the techniques used to perform this is known as Use case testing.

4.Difference between STLC and SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle)?

SDLC deals with the development of the software while STLC (Software Testing Life Cycle) deals with validation and verification of the software.

5. What is traceability matrix?

The key relationship between test cases and requirements is shown with the help of a document. This document is known as a traceability matrix.

6. What are verification and validation?

Verification is a process of evaluating software at the initial development phase and to decide whether the product of a given application satisfies the specified requirements. Validation is the process of evaluating concerned software at the end of the development process.

7. What is integration testing?

Integration testing is a level of software testing process, where individual units of an application are combines and tested. It is done after unit and functional testing.

8. What is a Latent defect?

A latent defect is an existing defect in the system which does not cause any failure as the exact set of conditions has never been met.

9.  What is mutation testing?

Mutation testing is a process to identify if a set of test data is useful by introducing various code changes and retesting with original test data to determine if the bugs are detected.

10. What is Fuzz testing and when it is used?

Fuzz testing is used to find out security loopholes and coding errors in software. In this process, random data is added to the system in an attempt to crash the system. This technique is very helpful for bigger projects.

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11. What is GUI testing?

Graphical user interface testing is the process of testing the software user interface against the provided requirements HTML designs.

12. What is Dynamics Testing?

Dynamics testing is done by executing the code with many different input values and later output is verified.

13. What is defect clustering?

Any small functionality may contain several defects concentrating more on testing these functionalities is known as defect clustering.

14. What is security testing?

Validating whether all security conditions are properly implemented in the software is called security testing.

15. what is the full form of CMMI?

Capability Maturity Model Integration

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