Magento ecommerce website security checklist

Now a days ecommerce business is as its peak. This is because people like to shop online instead of going to market. It saves time and sometimes you can get things at discount price. There are so many ecommerce platforms available, but the Magento is very popular and easy to use platform. According to survey on ecommerce growth, the business to consumer sales is increased 23.5% then last year. As market grows the chances of hacking is also increased. So make sure you have used backup plan or strong security system to fight against it.

The hackers may want the information of your account or your customer's private data for several reasons. If the hacker gets success to crack the security of your website, then you will face may problems like money loss, affect your earned reputation and credibility, etc. No doubt the data of any ecommerce website is large to maintain, update and prepared with backup. But there are some specific way to get this work done. Here through infographic we are going to explain security checklist for Magento web Development or you can say your online store.

Use Latest Magento Version

  • Each page Checkout
  • SEO Friendly URLs
  • Flexible Coupons
  • Google Base Integration
  • Multi-Lingual

Use 2 Step Authentication

  1. Attemp Login
  2. Verify by Call/SMS
  3. Enter Security Code

Set custom Path for admin Panel

Unchanged admin path makes easy for hackers to navigate to your admin page & use Brute force attack to start guessing your user name and password.

Choose complex username and password

  • Use almost impossible to crack username and password
  • Create password at least 15 character long, mix with upper and lower case, special character and number

Change Password at Specific Interval

  • Change password after every 5 to 6 months
  • Regular changeover will make the previous leaked data useless

Use Secure FTP

Acquire encrypted connection (SSL/HTTPS)

Disable Directory Indexing

  • Disable Directory Indexing
  • if prevents cyber crooks in accessing your mangento ecommerce website's core files

Be Active With backup Plan

You can prevent data loss by storing your website backup files of-site or arrange for backup through an online backup provider

Prevent mysql injection

Magento Provide great support to outmaneuver any MySQL injection attacks with its newer versions and patches.

Eliminate email loopholes :

Magento provides its users a great password recovering facility through pre-configured e-mail address. you need to make sure that the e-mail address you use for magento is not publicly known.

Utility Firewall

  • Setup firewall to deny public access to everything except web server.
  • Use VPN or Port knocking technology

Know where your client come from

Browser is the main mediator between site and customer, it stores cookies, passwords and URLs, So make sure you use a verified.

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