Magento plugin development and deployment process

As we all know, Magento is the largest used platform for ecommerce websites. But today, we will briefly high light some points on Magento plugin development and deployment. How any startup business should find the professional and reliable firm to this work? Here we mention some basic points on it :

1. Search : That is obvious for any ecommerce startup owners face difficulty to find Magento development firm or freelancer. So here is the solution. First you should decide that which type of developer you require? What is your exact requirement? Is your requirement is one time or on going process? As we consider these questions important because there is possibility that some developers have time limit like they fix little thing on your site but may not available with you for long term basis.

2. Lock the company : After finding the answers of above mentioned points, now look for the company from your network. If nothing useful can come out, then contact NexSoftSys staff – as being a professional Magento solution partners, we will give the right guideline about your requirement. The developers at here can help you with all types of implementations as they are professionally trained from Magento.

3. Mail : After first meeting and getting brief idea about your requirement, we recommend you to mail the list of things that you want to include. From that mail, the developers can draw basic functionality flow chart. So this chart is become the transparent layout of plugin working method. At this stage, you can suggest developers, if anything is missing or required. So from the starting point developers should work on right path. No doubt that you can suggest change at each and every step then after.

4. Timeline : After deciding the working flow, we set the time-limit for the first deployment to check the real working of functionality. You can check by your side weather this feature is easy to operate and manage or not. We will set all required tips at each step.

Tip : Though if you need change at any stage, let us know immediately, so developers include it early before further development.

5. Modification : After the first deployment and checking the product functionality, let us know your reviews. The functionality should be checked from admin side or end user side as it depends on you that which type of plugin you require. Suggest us if you want to add anything or there is a lack of functionality working.

6. Final product deployment : Check again the functionality and work flow. After getting confirmation from your side, the developers configure that plugin with your ecommerce website.

Tip : Some ecommerce website owners believe that plugin configuration affect their existing ratings. That is not true.

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