Overview on Magento Extension Development

Magento the most popular open source ecommerce development platform and ready website has one special feature called the Magento extensions.

Extensions have been propellant in improving the features of software products and adding new features to the defaults since a very long time. Magento makes use of this common feature of software, for a continuous improvement and development it its services.

Extensions have become so important is Magento that Magento extension development has become a new area of freelancing and providing software support.

We know the need for Magento customization.Development in the features provided by Magento also needs a continuous improvement and extensions are the solution to this.

Magento extension development involves making changes to the defaults of Magento with the tiny code snippets available or written specifically on purpose. 

Magento extension development makes additional features of Magento like SEO free services and easy payment gateways a reality. Integration to third party software, already functional at the service provider’s side becomes very easy through Magento extension development.

This only creates a more user friendly atmosphere, without deviating from the existing software support but still being able to access the power of Magento through integration.

Magento extension development is said to be the key to Magento customization.

Many extensions help us customize the look and feel of the product. For example, Magento Easy light box is one such extension that helps in changing the appearance of the ecommerce website drastically. 

Magento JQZoom also provides similar feature of zoom-while-hover for a good user experience.

Magento extension development is not just a simple adding of features just as easy. It is more into customization than adding of features. It is not so good a choice, to deal with these extensions all by oneself. 

Magento extension development is more to do with customization and definitely needs the support of a Magento professional and expert. Extensions deal with simple snippets being added to the existing framework of the product.

Magento extension development gives a complete control of the ecommerce website to the owner. Easy customization and SEO free environment using add-ons also come under extension development.

Magento extension development gives a way of providing easy explore features to the website. These features include perfect data placing and user friendly navigations along with interesting scroll themes for a good user experience. 

This UI features through Magento extension development ensure a good amount of traffic towards the website and also an easy way to provide the best features.

Compatibility of Magento with all other software products is also achieved using Magento extension development. Specific extensions for specific software integration are available. This helps us in making the best use of Magento without deviating from our previous software practices.

Magento extension development forms the core of using Magento to its fullest extent.

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