Things to know before starting Java software development

After working on Java platform for more than a decade, we have compiled a list of Java concepts that every developer should know before starting software development. These concepts will help in getting good job in multinational Companies and it will also help in making your programming skill even better and favorable.

Java technology has become hugely demanded in last one decade. This is quite impossible for one person to master all Java concepts so they should focus on single area like enterprise development, web development, application development, frameworks, Java technologies etc. When you are planning to start Java software development, first of all you should be familiar with OOPs (object oriented programming) concepts like classes, objects, frameworks, modules etc.

As we know, it is always easy to master one language, if we know about programming basics. For college student, it is enough to learn about basic fundamentals like :

  • Object oriented programming
  • JSP or Java Servlet
  • About Java virtual machine
  • Java collection frameworks
  • Basic data types and their implementation and
  • Understanding event based programming

For experienced or professional Java software development, developers should know about the following :

  • About design patterns and their usage in Java
  • Modifications in different Java versions
  • Coding conventions
  • Project management or build tools
  • Different servers like Apache or Java libraries
  • Integration tools and unit testing
  • Understating about business framework like Spring or Swing etc.

As we have discussed already, it is just impossible for a person to learn about each and everything in Java, so you should focus on concepts that are related to your project and explore them in detail to know about their potentials and shortcomings. If you are familiar with basics then rest can be covered quickly.