Why Python language more popular than Java Script & PHP?

Advance Python ranked in top ten programming languages and leads 4th position for web development and software development. Python programming language has overtaken Java Script and PHP development market recently. Some of the highlighting features of Python include – readability, reliability, faster, easy to code, and easy to deploy.

The popularity of Python in programming world has compelled to write this info-graphics whose highlights are given as – 

  • Python leads Java Script and PHP development market
  • Latest Python 3.5.0b4 for MAC OS X
  • Features of 3.5 series Python updates
  • 5 Amazing Python development tools

Working with Python software and mobile app development programming language is not a rocket science. You just need to right tools and technologies best suited for your project. Here NexSoftSys helps you by guiding you for the right tools and development techniques. In above info-graphics, we have discussed some of the latest python updates, its compatibility with Mac OS and few amazing Python development tools.

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