Why is a Java developer so excited about Java 9

2017 brings several things for java developers. Java 9 will be available soon and the team focuses on reactive and functional programming. Companies that hire java developers should also attain knowledge about the upcoming updates as it will help the management to make best hiring. 

Java 9 is an upcoming update and some sources revealed that it will have HTTP/2 support and JShell for experiments with code. Microservices have become normal for developers whereas monoliths sound like yesterday’s story. Officials did talk about reactive streams in the conferences. Data engineers, data scientists, data galore, data pipeline! Though Java isn’t related to all these data things, but the JVM platform offers superb ecosystem for data – Spark, Kafka, Cassandra, Flink, etc. Let’s discuss this squad in detail-

Kafka is a distributed streaming platform that has three capabilities- 
  1. It allows you publish and subscribe to record streams. 
  2. It lets you store record streams in a fault-tolerant way. 
  3. It lets you process record streams as they occur. 
Best use of Kafka- 
Kafka is used for two broad classes of applications – building real-time streaming data pipelines that receive data between applications or systems, and building real-time streaming applications that change or react to the data streams. 

Kafka includes four core APIs-
  1. Producer API
  2. Consumer API
  3. Streams API
  4. Connector API 
Apache Spark is a fast and general engine for bulk data processing. It has an advanced DAG execution engine that supports in-memory computing and cyclic data flow. Using Spark, developers can write applications in Scala, Java, Python, and R quickly. 

Spark runs on Mesos, Hadoop, standalone, or in the cloud. It can access diverse data sources including HBase, HDFS, Cassandra, and S3.  

Flink is an open source Apache platform used for distributed stream and batch data processing. It includes several APIs for developing applications that leverage the Flink engine. These APIs are DataStream API, DataSet API, and Table API. 

The Apache Cassandra database is an ideal choice to achieve scalability and high availability without making any compromise with the performance. Cassandra works best for applications that cannot afford to lose data.
Java forecast 2017

In 2017, java developers will experience the most dramatic moment that should happen in July. Yes, it is about Java 9 release. And this means that developers don’t have much time to start using lambdas from java 8. You can find many great articles distributed online by java experts about how to use lambdas. 
Talking about Java Development Kit 9 features, it will be necessary for java developers to learn how to use them and specifically two of them – HTTP /2 client and modules. Why these two features are at priority list? Because rest of the features like system processes API or micro benchmarking are not that much highlighted by java developers.
HTTP/2 is the new API that will replace the old HTTPURL Connection API. It has released the concept of steams and binary frames. HTTP/2 is no more text based but in binary format. This will let developers to make fewer efforts for parsing the messages. They can get multiple streams on one TCP connection. 
Its second latest feature is the server-push, which makes workarounds like resource-in-lining obsolete. Another feature is stream prioritization with which developers will be able to prioritize your messages by sending them over a stream with a higher priority.
Expectations from spring in 2017

Spring 5 is intended to track JDK 9 very closely. It will become functional and reactive in 2017. That means developers have zero chance to ignore functional programming at all.
We cannot skip talking about Lagom. Lagom is a new player in JVM web-game. Though nobody knows whether it is a game changer, but its ideology seems to be latest. The main purpose of Lagom is to assist java developers to decompose monoliths into microservices.
The framework Play also looks promising. Since it is 2.0 release, web development is still productive.
So if your company is planning to hire java developers, make sure they are at least aware of these updates. Hiring dumb staff is a dangerous thing for your businesses. Make sure you get the best team of developers that likes to stay updated with latest releases.