Why use Scala Development over Java Development NexSoftSys

As you all know Scala is wordplay of "Scalable Language". Which means the one develops with Scala development.You can play with it by typing one-line expressions and observing the results.Scala is complex but learning curve worth the investment

This is true that question arises on Though Scala is hard but its applications and learning curve surely worth the investment.

Why use Scala Development over Java Development?

The complex features of scala programming language allow scala developers to write better code and scalable apps.Scala is extremely powerful language that combines features of object oriented and functional programming language.

History of Scala

The design of Scala started in 2001 by Martin Odersky, but it was not so popular in starting days. In last few years the programming language has become so popular that everybody asks “Why Should I Learn Scala?”

Scala vs Java

Here, we will discuss on major advantages of Scala how it is responsible to scalable language create better.Scala is completely fresh look on Java concepts that are considered tedious, restrictive and frustrating.At the same time,Scala development is cleaner, well organized and easy language that increases overall productivity of your business.

Scala structure is slightly more complex as compared to Java but writing programs is much easier and more efficient too. Further, Scala compiler is classy and smarter which helps scala programmers in writing better code always.

On contrary We don’t say Java is not good but a coin has two sides so one is certainly better than the other. Both Scala Development and Java Development own advantages and disadvantages.

Choice of programming language also depends on type of software or application program you want to write. Scala programming language is dynamic in nature and significantly bug free and highly efficient in nature.

Scala A Best Choice

Scala is always been preferable choice for making programming experience less tedious and more enjoyable. Tech Giants, LinkedIn,Twitter,FourSquare ,The Guardian and many are working on Scala development. The popularity and usage of Scala is rapidly on the rise, as evinced by the ever accumulative number of open positions for Scala developers.