Apple Planning to Launch iPhone 7 With Trailblazing Features and Thinnest Skin

Apple is planning to release iPhone 7 soon in September with trailblazing features and certain improvements. It will be thinnest smart apple phone available so far. People has lots of expectations from upcoming apple phone and it will please them more than iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus.

We know many things in advance about iPhone 7 or Iphone 6S due to online speculations and leaks. Along with wonderful things, rumors also came along with next smart phone. It is supposed that next iPhone will available for sale till September end. So keep your fingers crossed and let us go with on a quick tour on iPhone 7 – its features, advancements, iPhone app development, and rumors.

To help you in best possible way, we have designed one infographics to explain everything gracefully. 

Let us see the highlights of this infographics –
    1. What people expect in new iPhone 7?
    2. What will be named for new generation iPhone?
    3. New generation iPhone RUMOURS & New Features
    4. Latest design & advanced system

It is expected that iPhone 7 will record all sales records and it will be available in two display screens - 4.7 inch and 5.5 inches. The smart phone with bigger display screen will be little more expensive and attractive too.

iPhone app development practices have also been improved by developers to get more engagement from users. To know more on iPhone app development and similar updates, contact us now.