5 vNext – Utility for next generation web applications

Microsoft is working hard to make new version of a huge vNext is latest release by Microsoft marks radical departure of original version that was conceived during earlier days. There is something really cool about 5 programming framework and its web tools. The version witnesses lots of changes how we can build web apps, and it also introduces the modern stack for improved performance, better resource allocation, and more scalable apps hosted in cloud based environments.

In this blog, we will focus on reason for radical departure of original version and why it was needed by developers.

Why 5 vNext was needed?

Today modern web apps are based on cloud programming structure as they are more robust and can be accessed quickly without any safety threats. They are user centric and developed based on client needs and specifications.

And the best part is that most of the modern web applications can be accessed on different platforms without making any major changes in the source code. Only developers are responsible for developing most powerful apps that are compatible with different platforms and running successfully everywhere.

This is the reason Microsoft realized that there is emergence need of some utility that can help in designing modern web application that can run over multiple platforms together. SO vNext came into existence finally. vNext – Cross platform Development

  • Latest 5 version has one wonderful utility i.e. VNext that makes programming easy and more affordable for businesses. Further, development team would love to update this feature as it gives cross platform facility and completely open source
  •  Application designed using 5 vNext that is also called next generation programming tool gives most flexible apps that can be executed on multiple platforms without making any major changes in the code.
  •  This was the biggest achievement for development team as they were waiting for this type of utility from so long. This was the only issue where was lacking when compared to Java programming language.
  •  If you would think about all these utilities just 15 years back then it sounds magical not real but everything you think is possible today with different programming languages.
So what are the major improvements in 5 vNext utility?

• This has great tendency to host apps itself or developers can use IIS.
• It gives wonderful shipping system as NuGet packages.
• Different version of apps are also supported with slight modifications
• It supports modular requests for HTTP protocol.
• This is aligned individually
• Highly recommended for modern apps due to interactive web UI and APIs.
• Inject dependency to build customer support systems.

VNext is the result of hard work and continuous dedication of the developers just to give something great to users. We must say that this is exciting time ahead for and we are looking forward to it. To know more about 5 features and similar updates, stay tuned with us. We will keep updating you with similar interesting blog posts in future as well.

Author’s Biography

This blog has been written Shipra Jain working with Nexsoftsys for more than 6 years. She is computer engineer and good knowledge in different programming languages and technologies that assure always interactive posts that are knowledgeable for community and users worldwide.