Solution: “Bad Request” error in Dynamics 365 Web API


If you have faced an error of "Bad Request" while using Dynamics 365 web API, then here we as a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Services discussed step by step solutions with all the required code. 


I know this blog is very simple but can be cause major issue if you are not following. Sometime we may have a requirement to retrieve some entity record using some filter condition with some field value which enters by users.


For example, I am trying to retrieve accounts with a filter condition. Here I have passed parameter field value “new_corporatename” which provided by users.  


        var Name = Xrm.Page.getAttribute("new_corporatename").getValue();    

        var req = new XMLHttpRequest();

         var globalContext = Xrm.Utility.getGlobalContext();   "GET"globalContext.getClientUrl() "/api/data/v9.0/accounts?$select=accountid,name&$filter=name eq '" +  Name + "'"true); 




        req.setRequestHeader("Content-Type""application/json; charset=utf-8"); 


        req.onreadystatechange = function () { 

            if (this.readyState === 4) { 

                req.onreadystatechange = null; 

                if (this.status === 200) { 

                    var results = JSON.parse(this.response); 

                    if (results.value.length > 0) { 

                        hasAccount = true; 


                 } else { 

                    hasAccount = false;                     






If you see in below line, we may provide any value in the input text field “new_corporatename”. By any chance if you put any special character like “&”, you will get an error “Bad Request”."GET"Xrm.Page.context.getClientUrl() + "/api/data/v8.2/accounts?$select=accountid,name&$filter=name eq '" +  Name + "'"true); 


To avoid such kind of error you always need to encode the value while writing query like below."GET"Xrm.Page.context.getClientUrl() + "/api/data/v8.1/accounts?$select=accountid,name&$filter=name eq '" + encodeURIComponent(Name) + "'"true); 

In summary always encode variable text while passing parameter in your web API URL using encodeURIComponent This is one of the best practices while writing web API. 

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