Essential Android development tools

Let us have a quick look on ten essential android tools that should be known by every java developer working on android apps.

Virtual Device Tools
  1. Android Virtual Device Manager
  2. Android Emulator (emulator)
  3. mksdcard

  1. Hierarchy Viewer 
  2. lint
  3. SDK Manager
  4. sqlite3

Debugging Tools
  1. Android Debug Bridge (adb)
  2. ADB Shell Commands
  3. Dalvik Debug Monitor Server (ddms)
  4. Device Monitor
  5. dmtracedump
  6. hprof-conv
  7. Systrace
  8. traceview
  9. Systrace

Build Tools
  1. JOBB
  2. zipalign

Image Tools
  1. Draw 9-patch
  2. etc1tool
  3. Tracer for OpenGL ES

Platform Tools
  1. bmgr
  2. logcat

It is clear the Android SDK is featured with plenty of wonderful tools. Each has its own significance and benefits. The tools we have discussed earlier can be used along with almost all apps regardless of their type and usage