How networking APIs relates with UWP in

With the release of VS 2015, we announce release of .net core 5 open source platform to design most robust UWP apps in Win 10. In this latest release, set of networking APIs is boon for .net development Company that can be utilized for building more secure web apps and software. Now UWP (Universal Windows Platform) has been released to make universal apps for almost all Windows devices like Xbox, laptop, tablet, PC, your phone etc.

In brief, we can say applications designed in .net core and UWP can be easily ported to multiple Windows devices. Almost all networking APIs are still the same that were utilized in Windows 8.1 platform. Now the question is how they can be leveraged with UWP and .net core 5 platform.

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Now implementation of networking APIs can be modernized with pen source .net technologies. Networking APIs are more suitable to run sore apps on to your system. In this blog, we will discuss in brief how any .net Development Company can underneath networking APIs with UWP and .net core 5 for some valuable insights and more creative .net solutions.

There is new networking APIs are also added to use along both open source frameworks. Let us discuss about these APIs in brief:

  •  System .net. Sockets is new API added to win 10 for seamless socket communication to reduce dependencies on other APIs that were used in windows 8.1.
  •  HTTP/2 is latest version of HTTP protocol for secure exchange of data among servers. It will speed up data exchange and also reduces number of connections during round trip mgs.
Some of the APIs are already there in windows store and they have significantly changes. Some of them are: 


In .NET Core for UWP apps, HttpClient which is depended on managed HTTP stack including of types in windows 8.1 is replaced by frivolous binding on Windows OS HTTP like  WinINet based Windows.Web.Http. And this provides many latest features which can be offered to the .net developers.


This contains types about request and response which allows .net developer to develop the HTTP Protocol on client role. This will unblock the use of .net library and offers backward compatibility. 

Besides this, few APIs have also been modified to make them more suitable with UWP and .net core 5 platform. To get more information on networking APIs and open source framework, contact NexSoftSys expert team. The NexSoftSys is a reliable .Net Development Company in India offering business solutions on different Microsoft technologies.