Load Magento Faster With These 4 Extensions

Extensions are a great way of adding the required features to your application or website. With multiple amazing extensions at disposal, enhancing a detail, or modifying an in-built feature is not a trouble anymore. Magento is a great platform for ecommerce websites and always tries to come up with innovative features that are sure to make our lives easy. 

However, nothing is perfect and therefore, there is always a room for improvement. This is the exact case with Magento. While it offers almost everything that is required to run a full-fledged online store, there is a room for improving some of the features.

It is an established fact that loading time affects user experience and most users are likely to look for alternatives if the results are not displayed within a few seconds. With this in mind, many Magento store owners use extensions to boost the loading speed. 

You can always opt for Magento extension development services if that is what you find more suitable for your store. This article will list the top 4 extensions that can boost the loading speed of your Magento powered website. Without any more delay, let’s get started.

  1. Page Speed Extension: This is an open-source paid extension from Templates Master. This loads the pages faster by using a minify tool for JavaScript and CSS. For images, apart from optimization, it offers lazy load feature which allows the page to load without all the images and then images get loaded later. Cache is one other thing that this looks after. This costs $79 which includes installation and 1 year of free support.

  2. Full Page Cache: Developed by Magegiant, this paid extension is a choice of many e-commerce veteran developers. It is a Magento-certified extension which offers lifetime support and updates. This extension claims to reduce load speed to less than 0.3 seconds. This cost $99. It is worth mentioning that the developers of this extension are so confident about this that they actually pay $5 to people who review this extension. Now, that is really daring.

  3. Nitrogento: This is a paid extension developed by e-Commerce Academy. It claims to load a page within 0.05 to 0.08 seconds. That is really cool. Nitrogento works with the cache and boosts the speed. The Nitrogento site has published a whole lot of data to prove the importance of loading time and if you are not convinced that loading time is vital to sales then do take a look at the website. This costs €299 with a 30-day money back guarantee.

  4. Speedster: This is a free extension by Fooman. Apart from being a 100% open-source extension, Speedster comes from a developer that is Magento-certified and therefore has an inherent reliability. This also work with cache, images, and JavaScript and CSS to load the desired page faster.

There are many other extensions but the ones listed above the top ones. The way these extensions operate is almost the same and the core is to minify the JavaScript and CSS, work with cache, and optimize images. It is always a good practice to install the extensions and do a test run on the demo site rather than directly installing it on the live website. Almost all of these extensions would also reduce the load on your server.

There are many passionate developers who offer Magento extension development services. You can opt for one of the extensions listed above or make use of an extension development company and create one for yourself. Whichever option you choose, the result should be a fast loading website that create customer delight.

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