Amp Up your Marketing Game with Creative Campaigns in Dynamics CRM

The evolved version of Dynamics CRM is quickly becoming a favorite of professionals working in different fields. Be it the customer service professionals who want to offer a remarkable customer experience to the customers, or the marketing professionals who have to keep the acquisition rates high with innovative strategies, Dynamics CRM’s has a lot to offer to professionals in every domain.

Why do the marketing professionals need innovative marketing tools?

Now, coming to the marketers, the prime objective of any marketing professional is to take those ‘numbers’ to a new high. Numbers here signify a lot of things starting from, customer interest, acquisition, attainment, retention etc.  Hence, marketers are constantly on the lookout for an avant-garde solution which can come handy in creative some mind-blowing marketing campaigns.

Advantages of opting Dynamics CRM

Turn your prospects into everlasting clients and customers by utilizing the full power of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing. The CRM platforms enables the marketers to nurture and develop more sales-ready leads. Marketers can make the most of multi-channel campaigns as well as customized personalized lead nurturing features.

Through the cutting-edge technology, marketers get a chance to boost their marketing ROI by making smarter decisions and using concise dashboards and reporting.

Deep customer insights and behavioral information provided by Dynamics CRM allows the marketers to effectively plan the campaigns. Social Media integration, option to integrate and collaborate with other members are some of the offerings of the Dynamics CRM that take your marketing tactics to the next level.

Hence, it is a given fact that by using the new features of Dynamics CRM the marketing efforts are sure to get pumped up. Especially, persuasive campaigns enhance your marketing efforts as well as amplify the profitability!

Quick Campaigns, Converting to Opportunities, Activities, planning Full Campaigns and Building Marketing Lists are a few important subjects to master in order to capitalize on Microsoft dynamics AX development services.

Campaigns & Quick Campaigns

What is the difference between Campaigns and Quick Campaigns?

A single activity distributed to a list of leads, team members, contacts etc., is a Quick Campaign. It is created from a marketing list or even from a marketing list.

Campaigns are used to promote the business, increase visibility, expand the reach and boost the ROIs. Campaigns are the best way to analyze the success of the marketing efforts. Both, the strategic tasks, and campaign activities are included in the Campaign section of the tool. Some other things included in the Campaigns in the Dynamics CRM are Budgets and expenses, Target products, Promotion codes, Marketing collateral, Target marketing lists etc. Basically, ‘Campaigns’ comprises of everything from the pre-planning activities to the post campaign activities.

Quick Campaigns

A single campaign activity which is planned towards a targeted audience is known as a Quick campaign. However, the marketers can easily track the performance of the quick campaign also to turn the positive responses into new opportunities.

Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing is a wonderful way to promote your business. Targeted Email Marketing campaign enrich and improve the sales.

Dynamics CRM allows the marketer to create innovate and highly persuasive email marketing campaigns by using different templates. And, the software allows you to monitor the response of the campaign as well.

Revamp your marketing email campaigns to reach to new customers and increase sales. Quickly create attention-grabbing emails with customized greetings, responsive design that fit in different screen sizes. You also have the option to insert images and call-to-action buttons. Save time when making numerous email messages by using saved email templates.

Benefits of monitoring campaigns

Dynamics CRM enables the marketers to track and analyze the marketing activities by creating campaign and quick campaign. Review and analyze the success of every marketing campaign based on their response rates and reports.

Campaign Activity Status, Campaign Comparison and Campaign Performance are the reports which help to measure the performance of any campaign.

Dynamics CRM bridges the gap between sales and marketing!

The biggest advantage that Dynamics CRM offers is that it makes it very easy to for the sales and marketing teams to work in sync with each other. The tool is a single platform which contains all the shared information, which can be accessed by either of the teams at any time. Plus, the collaboration tools in Office 365 make it better for the 2 to work in alignment. The platform opens up communication between the sales and marketing experts.

With the integration of various tools, and the availability of all the information on a single platform, both the teams can stay abreast with latest happenings in each domain. And, both can work in coordination with each other to take the company’s sales and marketing to a new high.


Dynamics CRM empowers the marketing professionals by offering different ways to plan and strategist creative and innovative marketing campaigns. Plus, it allows them to measure the response and improve the functionality as well.

Here I share infographics for better understanding.


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