MSBuild is going open source to assure its compatibility across multiple platforms

In this blog, we have some interesting update on .net framework to share like one more addition to open source project, cross platform work, and much more.

Moving forward to the post, we will discuss on new open source MSBuild that is especially designed to ensure cross platform compatibility and tools to make it happen. We will also discuss some tip and tricks how to make .net software development successful when working on open source MSBuild.

MSBuild platform used for .net applications building. A build engine compiling libraries and applications from source code and define the build process in XML files when used by the developer, including pre-processing, compilation and post-processing. With the MSBuild easily managed automation of large application. Using MSBuild by visual studio, the majority of developer use it without doing any customization. 

With 5, MSBuild will be open source and cross platform too. However, there are still some discrepancies with the project that will be resolved by Microsoft’s .net software development soon in nest future. MSBuild can be availed as part of dot net foundation and closely aligned with VS 2015.

MSBuild is open source on GitHub and currently have been reported more than 60 issues out of them 32 has been closed. Microsoft immensely thanks to all of the participants for their immense contribution. After GitHub, the next target of Microsoft is to run MSBuild over Linux and Mac operating system without depending on the full .NET Framework or Mono. MSBuild target is not to be fully compatible with the .NET or build a project on desktop .net but its main aim is that provide more functionality which is not available in the .net core (for example, the Global Assembly Cache). 

Let us move on to fix all the bugs and errors as part of open source dot not core. .Net core has got recently popular with same capabilities like cross platforms and open source. Now MSBuild and GitHub will also be handled by the team in the same way as .net core.

What is Hidden in Future?

Microsoft is planning to port MSBuild to .net core that will certainly take time. Now all the open source development work is completed on GitHub. Soon, users would be able to take advantage of other open source framework i.e. .net core.

The core principle of MSBuild would be the same but there is need to modify some part of code so that it can be made compatible with .net core.