.net development and Universal Windows apps in Win 10 – What’s new??

Microsoft has recently announced release of .net core 5 and UWP (Universal Windows platform) for Windows 10. Both are available as part of VS 2015 and asp.net 5 and quickly available to download from official Microsoft website.

In this blog, we will discuss what’s new in dot net and UWP for Win 10 and how it can help in getting refined .net development solutions by team.

To make this project successful, improvements have been made to .net framework to make its easy way towards UWP apps. This is an open source platform especially design to make cross platform apps. The UWP apps would be able to run over all Windows devices like Xbox, tablet, PC, your phone etc.

How it actually works?

The new invention not only reduces app size but also makes execution of code faster. This is the first time UWP has been released in market for public use. It is obvious that improvement have to be made so Microsoft’s .net development team is planning to spend more time on testing in order to fix errors and bugs at early stage only.

According to experts, the new framework will faster the build time up to 30 percent. There are few apps that generally take longer time when ported from one platform to other so best solution is porting apps to Universal Windows platform to make app faster and more reliable.

If you are using VS 2015 then you need to upgrade your project to run in latest version. However, up gradation is easy and it does not demand for much efforts. Once app is ready under these guidelines, you can submit it to store and it will run over multiple Windows devices.

To know more on UWP apps and how it can be beneficial in developing more powerful .net development solutions, contact expert team at NexSoftSys right away.