3 Great New Year Resolutions for Magento Store Owners

As we step into a new year, we make many resolutions which might be related to our business, health, personal life, etc. If you are a Magento store owner, we have created a list of resolutions that you should try to fulfil in the year 2018 in order to keep your Magento store running and succeeding.

These resolutions are nothing specific to a particular year but something that you should keep a track of reflect on as and when the year changes. We at Magento Development India Implement of these simple Magento new year resolutions can save you from a lot of troubles and prevent downtime.

  • 1. Take Strict Security Measures: Security is a prime concern for every online user. As a Magento store owner, it becomes your responsibility to provide a safe and secure store to your visitors and prevent hacking attempts. With each passing year, hackers are getting smart and the Software developers are getting smarter. Here are a few ways to keep your Magento powered store secure in 2018:
1.1. Upgrade to the latest available version always because the developers often include new security patches which can keep known malware and threats at bay.
1.2. Change passwords and admin paths frequently to ensure that any attempt being made to hack your store are avoided because of your irresponsibility.
1.3. Use access restrictions and tools to frequently scan your sites for security issues. Access rights ensures that no unwanted person gets to see your security settings and modify them.

  • 2. Improve Customer Experience: An online store thrives on what your customers think about your stores and more on how they experience it. Nowadays, customers have plenty of choices and small reasons like loading speed, irrelevant products, too many advertisements, etc, can irk the users and motivate them to give your competitors a try. This new year, try using the following strategies to improve user experience:
2.1. Enhance page loading speed by optimizing images and text to ensure that users do not have to wait for a long time to view products that they are interested in.
2.2. Offer sales and promotional coupons using Magento tools and extension which will attract users to your store, generate leads, and possibly translate those into sales.
2.3. Delete redundant pages or long trails so that the users are able to see what they want without having to work their way up to that.

3. Pick the Right Marketing Medium: The competition in the online market business is likely to keep rising in 2018. The thing that will keep your Magento store on top of the customers’ mind is the marketing strategy that you adopt. There are tools that can track the performance of your strategies and there are popular channels through which you can market your store. Here, are a few ways that would prove beneficial in 2018:

3.1. Use extensions to track performance of your ads on different platforms which will empower you to invest in different mediums accordingly.
3.2. Engage SEO professionals to improve your site’s search engine ranking because that would boost direct visits and is only possible through hard work.
3.3. Try social media platforms if you have not already done. The number of users here are rising and using the right offers here can translate into great revenue generating opportunities.

If you ponder on these resolutions, you will know that you can execute plans to complete these resolutions anytime of the year and reap great benefits from them. In 2018, you need to be more vigilant in terms of security, more customer-centric, and more popular.

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