Three Search Improvement Techniques for Magento

One of the core requirement of an e-commerce website is to be user-friendly and convert the customer visit into sales. A variety of things play a role in whether a customer buys something or not, and as an e-commerce site owner or a Magento development company, you might not be in control of all those things. But, one thing that you can do is to have a site that has impeccable search option which display appropriate results to the customers.

In this article, we will discuss some quick steps that can ensure a great on-site search experience using Magento. Before starting, it is important to remember that the search options in Magento’s community and enterprise edition are different and this article is good for both. So, let’s get started.

  • Set the Search Type: Magento has three types of search options—like, full-text, and combined. Each of these types serve a purpose. If the type is set to “like” then the search results would display all products that include the searched keyword. In case of “full-text,” the results would only display products with the exact words, and if the search type is “combined,” the results would include both the search types. It is preferable to set the search type to “combined” or may be decide the relevance based on your audience.
  • Redirect the direct: Yes! You read it right. A customer browsing through your site probably would search to look for items by typing direct terms like “shirts for men,” or “trousers for men” rather than “apparel” or “costume” and all you need to do in Magento is customize the Search Terms in the Catalog tab. You can create redirects here by browsing through the existing list of terms or adding a new one. Another possible solution is to present alternatives to the users regarding popular terms that are searched and linked to the keyword that a user inputs in the search box.
  • Use Add-ins: Let’s accept the fact that the search options in Magento are not that over the top for a big store and therefore, many additional search extensions and platforms are available which can be integrated with Magento to create a good search experience. Some popular choices are: Apache Solr, Sphinx Search, etc. Using these can provide options like auto-complete, refining search results further, etc. While some of these platforms are free, there are more professional choices available at a nominal price.
Improper or irrelevant search results can really make a difference and as developers, we often tend to ignore these intricacies. Setting proper search features will make a big difference in how users view your website. If they are unable to find what they are looking for, they will not come back. 

So, you essentially have one chance to show what you’ve got. As a Magento website development company in India, your aim is to create a website that will keep your clients happy. More business for them means more business for you and therefore it is important to keep yourself abreast with all the advances being made to improve user-experience. 

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