Avoid These 10 Mistakes to be a successful Magento Developer

Top Common Mistakes That Magento Developers Make

Today internet has become very essential in our lives. From studying to entertainment we are stuck being online. Different applications have also made our lives easy. Somewhere we all are dependent upon websites according to our needs and desires. With increase of websites the need of developing sites has also become very useful. As many websites are made every day for many purpose problems also occurs in making and maintaining a particular site. Websites are prone to get viruses and technical issues and to resolve the issues we need to hire magneto developers India for their services so that they may resolve all the technical issues. The below mentioned problems can only be overcome if you hire magento developer India.

Some of the most common mistakes that are often done by magneto developers are as follows:

  • 1. Wrong code Inputs
Major developers tend to use wrong inputs as the programming is in coding and program language. Main mistakes are done in SQL injection. Checking the coding should be done intensively prior to finalisation but as it is time consuming job the magento developers tends to do it more often.

  • 2. Authentication and authorisation
We all have faced this problem many a times. Whenever we login to some website they ask for id and password but after entering the correct details we still doesn’t able to log in to the side.
  • 3. Using Single Browser
A development is sometimes gets comfortable using a single browser. Codes written on particular browser might not work on other browser therefore the user might get troubles entering a particular site.

  • 4. Wrong Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Using wrong SEO’s is the basic cause of many problems. Many developers think they are smart enough and informed about the proper use of SEO’s but they fail to understand that there is a separate knowledge of writing SEO’s which requires intensive search. 

  • 5. Time Consuming Processor
Using proper and modern processors should be used so that you don’t get connection timeouts, quota exceeded as it may be very displeasing to the users.

  • 6. Internet Connection Speeds
Most developers uses high speed while developing software. They fail to realise that the user might not have the equal speed on which the test of software has been done. Optimizing your connection speed can easy your work performance. Making changes in resolution can also help in opening a specific image or a link.

  • 7. Different Resolutions
You have often noticed on website that a note is seen that this website is best seen in a certain screen resolution. The developers sometimes forgets to consider this also as when they design or develop a software they have all the proper tools to use but the user don’t have these amenities and the user often don’t able to see the images properly as the resolution becomes a problem.

  • 8. Refresh
Some sites needs to be refreshed again and again for their better run. As soon as you visit these sites the sites need to be refreshed.

  • 9. Portability
A developer tends to assume that the production environment can match our household and office environment.

  • 10. Anti-Patterns
Using wrong HTTP verbs and not sending correct HTTP status code leads you to many problems.
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