What To Look for in Dynamics 365 Business Central in 2020?

Microsoft makes some of the world’s finest ERP solutions for the businesses. The company has been making ERP solutions for years, therefore, now, they have mastered the field. They are coming up with some of the finest corporate solutions for the companies. The day Microsoft revealed its topnotch solution, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, they stepped ahead of their competitors to become the finest corporate solution developer in the world. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is a top of the line solution which is apt for different types of firms. The solution is apt for small and medium-sized organizations. Although, it is adopted by plenty of international levels, MNCs as well. In this article, we will talk about a few of the top things to expect from Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central in 2020:


  • High level of support 

In 2020, we will expect a high level of support for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. We would expect better and faster support responses. The users may not have to go through the complete Microsoft support checklist triage procedures. Especially, when the users are going through tough times, they would need support urgently. Hence, Microsoft may plan to speed up support. Microsoft would want to resolve most of the cases without escalation. Therefore, the customers would need high-end support systems.

Microsoft might plan to scale up their support teams in order to make sure that every user gets the support whenever required. We may see some different categories of support options as well, special support for the high-end users as well. Let’s see what happens in 2020.

  • Application Update Requirements

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Centralis moved from being an app to an extension. And, whenever anything in the application changes, the users are eager to know what happened. In 2020, we may see that partners or the users would need complete control of the solution. The users would keep track of all the upgrades. They should be able to regulate the pace of the upgrades as well. At the moment, Microsoft automatically applies all the collective updates to the Dynamics solution. As, the solution is upgraded on its own regularly, therefore, in 2020, the end-users might want to be in control of the updates. Microsoft may not want to automatically apply the updates. The end-users would be given complete control of the upgrades. The users may be intimated about the possible upgrades.

As the end-users would be able to plan the update according to their requirements. Dynamics 365 Business Central users would be able to seamlessly coordinate with a wide range of the ISVs which are absolutely normal in the SaaS world. The users would be able to get per-tenant extensions all prepared. Later on, the complete application stack will be tested properly.

  • Dynamics 365 Business Central will offer greater visibility 

In 2020, the use of Dynamics Business Central will increase beyond expectation. And, the users will be able to get greater visibility of the businesses. Dynamics 365 Business Central would be able to centralize the data from various departments of a business. Dynamics 365 Business Central, allows the end-users to collect and manage data from a wide range of sources, like sales, marketing, accounting, purchasing, customer relationship management, inventory management, etc. Therefore, the businesses will be able to gain higher visibility of the business. In 2020, the users would be able to get a complete view of the business.

  • Dynamics 365 Business Central will offer customizability 

Dynamics 365 Business Central is extremely customizable. And, in 2020, Dynamics 365 will become a lot more customizable. Business Central will be upgraded with more and more, new functional tools. Microsoft will be planning to add more custom features to the solution. Therefore, in 2020, Business Central might become one of the best tools for businesses. The tool will be able to satisfy all the different needs of the businesses. Customization makes the tool a lot more favorable. In the coming years, the solution will be made apt for various business requirements. 

Dynamics 365 for finance Business Central is one of the world’s best business management solutions. It contains several interesting features and in the coming years, it will become a lot more apt for the businesses. The solution will be scaled and evolved continuously, therefore, we can expect a lot more from Business Central in 2020.