Why Should You Choose AX as Your Preferred ERP?

There are many enterprise resource planning systems available in the market. Microsoft Dynamics AX, SAP and Oracle are the most commonly used ERP systems around the globe. Although there are debates going on among experts about the best ERP solution but we all know it is not going to come to any conclusion as each ERP is good in their own ways.

Here in this blog we are going to talk about Microsoft dynamics AX as we believe and experienced the immense benefit of using it in the business.

One of the clear benefit of Microsoft Dynamics AX is its association with Microsoft. If you like Microsoft office, SharePoint, Windows, and the .NET framework, then Dynamics could be the perfect solution for you.

The reason for MS Dynamics AX being so popular among SME’s (Small and medium enterprises) is its user friendly structure and high adaptability to various business processes. 

It’s seamless integration with other Microsoft applications such as excel, word, outlook allow smooth flow of information in and out of the system, makes it very popular among customers.

It is often also been observed that there is significant boost in employee’s productivity with MS dynamics AX due to its easy to handle and simple structure thus benefiting businesses more than ever before.

There are important key features of Dynamics AX

Easy deployment: Business supervision has always been a tricky task to handle. MS Dynamics AX offers remarkable deployment flexibility. Future upgrades can also be made in routine ERP operations through MS Dynamics AX

Meets regulatory requirements: MS Dynamics AX caters regulatory requirements of various countries around the globe. It meets the regulatory requirements of around 36 countries in the world or could be more.

Easy to upgrade: Upgrade to newer versions of dynamics AX is easy as compare to other leading ERP’s. With each upgrade there is significant enhancement to business processes. For example: upgrading from AX 2009 to AX 2012 offers vast enhancement in process improvements and process additions.

Global ERP support: Microsoft’s strong support team is available 24*7 to answer any questions or to solve any problems that may come up before, during and after go-live. This will be helpful in building customer’s trust on the product as well as on the implementer company. 

Shorter implementation: It has shorter implementation cycle than other leading ERP systems as it allows to make changes rapidly as per the business requirement and due to familiarity with Microsoft products. The average implementation cycle of MS Dynamics AX is less than several months compare to its competitors.

Low cost implementation: It has a very low cost of implementation as compare to its rival ERP’s due to good out of box features, easy customization, flexible upgrades that makes it popular between SME’S (Small and medium enterprises) and large enterprises as well.

Easy to customized: Dynamics AX is very easy to customized as compare to SAP and Oracle which makes it popular among customers as it increases it’s adaptability to ever changing business environment.

Seamless integration: It provides seamless integrations with many Microsoft and non-Microsoft products as compare to its rivals. This definitely broaden the horizon to cater large set of businesses around the globe.

High ROI and low TOC: Dynamics AX consultants provides high ROI (Return on investment) and low TOC (Total cost of ownership) compare to its rivals and this is one of the key features of Dynamics AX. Experts have claimed that MS Dynamics AX consumers witnessed amazing advantages of MS Dynamics over other known ERP systems.

Short learning curve: This is one of the key feature of Dynamics AX. Due to its simple and user friendly features, it has a shorter learning curve which makes it popular among businesses and especially among end users.

New offerings

Its new offerings Dynamics 365 could be a game changer in the ERP world as Microsoft is strongly promoting its cloud offerings along with other important features such as Dynamics CRM, Power BI, and Office 365 etc.

Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations is a strong player in the ERP market, with comparatively lower costs and easier implementation. Built on the Microsoft infrastructure, it effortlessly syncs and integrates with a host of other Windows business applications. 

Although every ERP system requires users to be trained for use, the learning curve for Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations is rather short. The simple look and feel is often a key purchasing criteria for organizations, a winner for Microsoft.

Final thoughts

With all these features and with strong Microsoft offerings, we can see significant growth in the market shares for Dynamics AX in near future and we are hopeful to see AX grabbing first spot in the leading ERP chart.